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What is a glass mask?

glass mask

Emulsion glass mask realizing highest resolution and dimensional stability.


FPD(LCD/OLED), Electronic Parts, Package etc.


  • High dimensional stabilty (Glass substrate)
  • High accuracy on exposure (Thin emulsion layer)
  • Support detailed order from data editing.
  • High resolution of emulsion, corresponds to 20μm line fine pattern.

Pattern less than 20 μm is acceptable depending on the conditions.
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Application data format

Gerber(274D/274X) / DWG / DXF / GDS2/ODB++
*Highly sensitive data communication method is available, please contact us.

Substrate Soda lime glass
Size ~711~813mm
Substrate thickness 1.8mm~5.0mm
Emulsion Silver halide gelatine emulsion
Emulsion thickness 5~6μm
Minimum line width 10μm~
Short dimension accuracy ±1.0μm~
Long dimension accuracy ±3.0μm~
Temperature variation rate 0.00085%
Humidity variation rate None
*Please contact us, if otherwise needed.
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