Environment ・Quality Policy


TOPRO acquired the Quality Management System (ISO9001) and the Environmental Management System (ISO14001) Certifications . We have established a comprehensive quality assurance system, from product design and development to manufacturing and delivery, to consistently provide high quality and eco-friendly products and services.


Quality assurance activities

We are making efforts to maintain and improve product quality by establishing a comprehensive quality management system to provide high quality products and services from the viewpoint of customers.

Environmental preservation activity

Since the foundation of our company, we have consistently engaged in environmental protection as an environmentally conscious company. We endeavor to implement eco-friendly business activities and develop new products that take environmental impact into consideration.
■Development of new emulsions achieving longer life of screen mask
In the future, we will step up our efforts to preserve global environment and continue to be an environmentally conscious TOPRO.

Environmental policy

We mainly engage in manufacturing and sales of various photo masks, screen masks and metal masks for the production of electronic parts. We recognize environmental protection and continuous improvement as key priorities, and commit ourselves to ongoing action to protect the environment in cooperation with all parties involved in the business.

Basic Policy

  1. ① We comply with environmental laws and regulations as well as regulations formed by regional governments.
  2. ② We ensure speedy and proper handling of environment-related requirements from customers.
  3. ③ We aim for continuous improvement by reducing industrial waste, recycling and reuse.
  4. ④ We implement environment-focused measures such as saving resource and energy.
  5. ⑤ We communicate with our stakeholders to cooperate in working to protect the environment.
  6. ⑥ We endeavor to raise environmental awareness by providing appropriate environmental information to all employees.
  7. ⑦ We seek the understanding and cooperation of environmental policy to all parties involved in the business.
  8. ⑧ We release these enviromental policies via our website and other means to inside and outside our company.
  9. ⑨ To ensure compliance with the above policies, we specify our environmental purposes and goals, and conduct periodic reviews.

June, 2014
President MINORU OTA

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